Frequently Asked Questions


Residential Property Purchases

Q: What types of properties does Be Remarkable REIG buy?
A: We purchase, single family, multi-family homes and apartment buildings.

Q: How is Be Remarkable REIG different from a real estate agent?
A: We are not real estate agents., we pay cash for your property. We make all necessary repairs to the property and resell it or hold it as a rental.

Q: Will I incur any fees or have to pay commissions to work with us?
A: No, you will not pay any fees or commissions and we pay for the closing costs.

Q: How does Be Remarkable REIG determine the purchase price on your property?
A: Considerations include: the location of the property; what repairs are needed and; the values of comparable properties recently sold in the area .

Q: Does Be Remarkable REIG really pay fair prices for properties?
A: Yes, understand we are looking to get a fair discount below market value, so that we can resell it at a profit. Makes sense, right?

Q: Is there any obligation after I submit my information to Be Remarkable REIG?
A: There is absolutely no cost or obligation for you. In short, it’s 100% your decision on whether or not you want to sell your property to us.

NoteBe Remarkable REIG, LLC is not a lender, bank or mortgage broker, nor do we process applications for any residential or commercial loans.

Be Remarkable Group, Inc., is a nationwide lender for real estate professionals, commercial contractors, developers & small business throughout the United States. Learn More:

Commercial Real Estate Funding

Q: Do we work with real estate developers or commercial property owners ?
A: Yes, commercial engagements are managed by our commercial division at

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